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[WEIBO] Liyin with a mysterious boy!

May 1st update.

  • She hasn't said who he is; whether SM trainee or not.
  • She reassured us a couple days ago it shouldn't be too long before her album is released, and that it's worth waiting patiently for!

Still an ambiguous update (about her album), but it's been a long time she spoke about it, and she's still in the practice room regularly.
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary
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[WEIBO] Liyin looking utterly flawless on her birthday.

Girl is so effing gorgeous, I don't even... I can stare at this picture forever, omgoodness. But anyway. Here are her Weibo updates today. There are a lot more, but I'm on my laptop so I'm feeling kinda lazy, and not all of the Weibo updates are completely translated yet, so here are some of them. More can be read starting at this post at Chocolyn! Come visit :)

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The restaurant she went to with her friends is this one. Looks very expensive, hehe. She also said that her friends were paying, so she ate so much that she might need to go to the hospital, lolol. And that she ate until the restaurant closed, and they left with the waiters/waitresses, LOL.

I love how she's been updating her Weibo more often lately. ♥
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[POLL] Zhang Liyin's next album?

Just curious to see what you guys want the most for Liyin's next album!

What would you look forward to the most in Liyin's next album?

A song I can sing along with easily
Songs created/written by Liyin
Dance songs
Dance song MV
MV to star Liyin herself
MV to have a storyline
Male/female duet song
All songs are Liyin solo's
New concept must be very beautiful
Not an expensive album
Other [Leave a comment!]

Taken from Baidu, translated.