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[INFO] LIVE: SMTOWN Live in Seoul 2010

Summary of Zhang Li Yin at SMTOWN today:

  • She wore a blue dress to the press conference... Despite popular belief on Twitter, spread around by fans who have only see the "Timeless" music videos and nothing else, Zhang Liyin was sitting at the back of the room for the press conference, and not the one in red. The one in red was Yeonhee Lee.

  • Zhang Li Yin sang two songs... It was more of a Super Junior + SNSD (featuring SHINee + f(x) + TVXQ) concert than anything. Others either had 3 songs or less. Her two songs were in the first half of the concert. She sang her two songs and never appeared again.

  • She started off a Korean version of "I Will" spoke a bit of Korean to introduce the next song, which was the Chinese song, "Moving On".

  • Liyin came out to celebrate BoA's 10th anniversary, and was standing nearby when Minho smashed the cake on BoA's face.

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Small update about her Thailand fan meeting.

  • 25 fans were permitted to attend the fan meeting.
  • All fans must bring with them, the "Moving On" single and the "I Will" album for Liyin to sign.
  • If you have any questions for Liyin, you can post them at the GMM fanboard.

We've started collecting questions for Liyin at Chocolyn. You can also read more information on the fan meeting update here at this topic. (You need not to join the forum to read the topic, no worries.)
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[EVENT] FANMEET: GMMInter Zhang Li Yin Meet & Greet

GMMInter Zhang Li Yin Meet & Greet

Name: GMMInter Zhang Li Yin Meet & Greet
Date: Thursday, March 18, 2010
Times: 7:30pm
Place: ?
- You need to send an email to webmaster@gmminter.com (1 person per email) if you're going, along with an explanation of when you first discovered Liyin. Include your first and last name, your age, and you must be a member at the forum and on Facebook. I believe you also need to attach images of Liyin's albums onto the email, not too sure. More instructions here.
- This will be Liyin's first fanmeet in Thailand.

Source: GMMInter
Credit: Wendy @ Chocolyn - Zhang Li Yin International
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After School, f(x), Wheesung & Zhang Li Yin to perform in Thailand

Thailand is definitely the place for kpop lovers to be for March and April! It’s been announced that the Pattaya International Music Festival, which will be hosted in Bangkok on March 19-21 this month, will have a line-up including f(x), After School and Wheesung. Furthermore, Zhang Li Yin, a Chinese singer who is also under SM Entertainment & AVEX, has been added to the performers list.

GMM Grammy, one of the festival sponsors, revealed that this special weekend would feature music from more than one hundred musicians, including major artists from SM Entertainment (Korea), AVEX Entertainment (Taiwan), Ocean Butterfly (China), Halo Music (Malaysia), AMPHEAD (Australia) and more. Furthermore, music themes, including pop, hip-hop, jazz, R&B, rock & Western country music, will rotate between three music stages on the pier venue in Pattaya.

The line-up also includes international artists including Christian Bautista (the Philippines), Thomas & Jack (Malaysia) and Leprozy (Laos).

Source: Allkpop
Credit: Wendy @ Chocolyn - Zhang Li Yin International
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NEW EVENT FOR LIYIN!! And it's a big popular show appearance too! :D


Date: February 10, 2010
Time: N/A
Location: Changsha, China
Guests: Zhang Liyin
- Will be broadcast on Hunan TV.
- Baidu Wiki page: http://baike.baidu.com/view/592578.htm
- Official site: http://ent.hunantv.com/v/hunantv/ttxs/index.html
- This info was leaked February 5th, but was hush hush until today, when someone posted about Liyin's flight times.
- Junsu's brother, Junho, appeared on this show previously.

Source: Baidu

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[EVENT] LIVE: "Challenging The Guinness Awards" Cultural Show

LIVE: "Challenging The Guinness Awards" Cultural Show

Date: December 18, 2009
Time: 7pm
Venue: Wenzhou Sports Center
China Central Television Moderator : Zhu Xun
Hong Kong Phoenix TV Moderator : David Wu
SUPER JUNIOR M, Fahrenheit, Huang Xiaoming, Louis Koo, Pan Xiaofen, SORI, Baixue, Panchen, Li Yuan Xi, Zhang Li Yin

Discuss: http://chocolyn.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=1198

Source: Baidu, AsianFanatics

Poster made by yours truly. 8D

L-R → Louis Koo, Huang Xiaoming (aka China's golden boy), Zhang Liyin, SORI
Bottom → Super Junior-M, Fahrenheit
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[EVENT] INTERVIEW: Starlight "Jia You" Station

INTERVIEW: Starlight "Jia You" Station

What: QQ.com Starlight Gas Station
Where: Beijing, China
When: December 14, 2009 @ 2:30pm Beijing time
- Official site: http://ent.qq.com/zt/2009/star2009/xgjyz.htm
- Live streaming site: http://studio.bb.qq.com/521/2002747/index.html

Discuss: http://chocolyn.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=1189

Source: ent.qq.com

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[EVENT] LIVE: CCTV 2010 Ad Recruiting Festival

LIVE: CCTV 2010 Ad Recruiting Festival

Date: November 17, 2009
Time: N/A
Guests: Jackie Chan, Sun Li, Angela Zhang, Michael Wong, Super Junior-M, Zhang Liyin
Discuss: http://chocolyn.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=1142

Source: CCTV Announcement

Another last minute event. Chocolates were notified a mere hour before the event. We got photos at the thread, but they were taken by a SJM fan, who of course, got notification that SJM would be there. = ="